Emma Sky

Emma Sky teaches Violin and Viola with Brooklyn Music Lessons

Violin, Viola, Electric Violin

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The daughter of a singer-songwriter and a jazz musician, Emma Sky has been immersed in music since birth. She fell in love with violin at age 9, and hasn't stopped playing since. She studied classical violin with Evelyn Read and T.L. Read at the University of Vermont, where she earned her BA in music performance. She has also attended several workshops which have shaped her teaching and playing such as: the Retreat for Professional Violinists and Violists at Indiana University with instruction from from Mimi Zweig and Jim Przygocki; String Fling at Berklee College of music with instruction from Christian Howes, Eugene Friesen, and Matt Glaser; and the Creative Strings Workshop where she worked closely with Christian Howes, Alex Hargreaves, Mike Block, and more.

Emma was thriving teaching privately and in after-school programs in Burlington, Vermont for about five years. Currently in Brooklyn, she shares her love of all music by teaching through Brooklyn Music Lessons, working with children at the International School of Brooklyn, and in a course she created called The Heart of Music at the Brooklyn Brainery. She also uses her music as a healing tool working with the organization CancerCare. Emma loves to explore the stylistic variety that violin and viola offer. Students will receive a strong classical foundation and then have the opportunity to explore whatever types of music they are interested in including: classical, old-time fiddle, folk, rock, blues, jazz, and hip-hop. While beginning students are her strong suit, students of all levels are welcome.

Variety is what drives Emma Sky as a musician, and she performs at various venues all over NYC. She creates magical sounds as a member of the new group, The Eggs; think psychedelic rock meets blues meets Bach. She is excited to be playing and recording hip-hop with the group Freight Train Hoboes, and has also worked with Brooklyn Label (independant hip-hop label), and rapper Illustrate, as well as attending the Brooklyn College rap cypher and Freestyle Mondays in the East Village. She rocks out regularly at the Secondary Sound Jam night in her neighborhood of Crown Heights, jamming on blues, soul, and rock. Often traveling back to her home state of Vermont, Emma collaborates with rapper Checkmate, and many singer-songwriters such as Joshua Glass, Rebecca Padula, Linda Bassick, Tommy Alexander, and more. And she continues to express her love of classical music at weddings and other events.

On Teaching

Emma loves the thrill of starting students from scratch and introducing them to the joys of playing violin and viola. A very hands-on teacher, Emma instills beginners with the crucial physical foundation of playing their instrument, music reading skills, improvisation, and music theory. Focus is always on physical and mental relaxation while playing, while still maintaining utmost control. Intermediate students will work on classical techniques, but may start to branch out to other styles of playing which interest them. As students become more advanced, the focus of lessons shifts to expression.

Her love and dedicated practice of yoga is closely related to her approach to teaching and playing music. This includes meditation and breathing exercises on the instrument, as well as a deeper spiritual connection with music through practice and listening. Emma strongly believes that the purpose of playing music is to express yourself through your instrument -- in whatever styles you love!

Emma's schedule is currently full. Contact us to reserve a spot on her waiting list.

Breathless - Live Recording by The Eggs

J.S. Bach, Beethoven, Bartok, Shostakovich, Mahler, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, Sublime, Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Rachel Bissex, Stephanie Nilles, Radiohead, Corporate Love Breakdown (the bluegrass tribute to Radiohead), Atmosphere, Jedi Mind Tricks
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Housecall Lessons
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Ear Training
Ensemble Playing
Improvisation for Classically Trained Musicians
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Jazz History
Jazz Theory
Classical Music Appreciation
Rhythmic Theory
Classical Violin
Electric Violin
Folk Violin
Jazz Violin
Accompanying on Bowed Strings
Old-Time Fiddle
Words from students: 

I wanted to learn how to play gypsy-style viola, and I knew someone in this vast city must have this kind of expertise, but where to start? I had cold-contacted a few people in the field but had no responses. So I came to Brooklyn Music Lessons. Bryan connected me with Emma Sky, a violin and viola teacher with a wide range of teaching interests and expertise. Emma has a unique style of teaching that incorporates the mechanics and philosophy of yoga into string practice. She is highly motivated to work with students on developing a strong foundation both technically and artistically from which to grow as a musician.

- Sherri L.

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Brooklyn Heights
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