21 Oct 2014
Online Remote Lessons with Brooklyn Music Lessons
Image credit: Hayley Carloni

While there may not be a full substitute for the realspace educational experience, online education is becoming increasingly common in the academic world. It can be the next best option for those that can’t meet in person with instructors, as receiving lessons online can be a genuinely effective means of teaching a variety of subjects. In fact, a recent study for the Department of Education found that online instruction can sometimes approximate or even outperform the classroom in certain fields, including some aspects of music. This can be true for (but not limited to) instruction in software, like Ableton Live, where lessons tend to be inherently screen-intensive, in or out of the classroom.

In these situations, many prospective students turn to instructional YouTube videos and lesson downloads. While helpful, these options often lack a personal, interactive dynamic that can be essential to a more comprehensive learning experience. If this is something you’ve been looking for, you’re in luck! Select teachers at Brooklyn Music Lessons now offer realtime one-on-one lessons online via Skype et al. with audio, video and shared desktops to cross the digital divide. In short, it can be pretty dang neat.

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